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Director's Welcome
Young people walk through our doors everyday. It is our privilege, as a school, to receive them, their self motivations and their desire to continue the journey through life itself. This understanding brings with it a great responsibility that we readily accept and desire ourselves. We understand this learning relationship is shared with parents and the students. Their families place a great deal of trust in our ability to accompany all on this journey.

In working closely with the school community, our vision is to create a learning environment that is supportive of the pillars of our ideals:
  • a cultural learning environment
  • a school of thought
  • a place of encounters and
  • a school of progress.

The International Bilingual School Innsbruck is an integral element of our implementation of these ideals. Our students have often begun their journeys in many other lands. Through their decision to join our school, we are able to harness and utilise their global experiences. Through their full participation in our community we can provide them with a strong learning environment but also allow them to provide an international facet that enriches the learning process of those students involved in our classic and network classes. Through experience we recognise the value that this brings for each individual that attends our school.

Our pathway is clear, through the support of the school community, the Innsbruck business community, the Board of Education for Tyrol and the Ministry for Education Austria, we will pursue our desire to become an International Baccalaureate World School providing opportunities for International School Innsbruckstudents to actively partake in the IB Diploma Programme and the Austrian School Leaving Exam in their final years. We will continue to further develop our curriculum to enable middle college and senior college students to be fully prepared to meet the demands of a truly international education system.

I look forward to meeting all prospective parents and guardians together with their students. I welcome you to visit our school and discover the unique learning environment that International School Innsbruck presents.

Mag. Helmuth AIGNER